Hybrid Cars and Auto Insurance

The reasons for buying hybrids vary. Some believe that the ‘War on Terrorism’ is a result of America’s dependence on oil and by purchasing a hybrid they are doing their bit to stop supporting it. Buying a hybrid car is also their way of lending support to organizations that channel resources into the discovery of alternative energy. Air pollution, the increase in smog and the greater incidence of respiratory diseases motivates others. Hybrid owners also receive tax deductions, which may be a factor to be considered. Whatever your reasons, if you’ve decided to buy a hybrid, you’ve probably done your research. You’ve checked out the facts and discovered that while they may cost more initially, hybrids are far more environmentally-friendly and you’ll save a ton on gas in the process. There is however, one relatively unclear dilemma about the practically of owning a hybrid: auto insurance. How do auto car insurance quotes differ when it comes to hybrid cars? Are hybrid cars at a higher risk and does buying one mean that you have no option but to pay higher insurance rates?

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The Saturn Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Other Green Cars – An Overview of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Hybrid cars or the hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are the best solution for the growing fuel shortage problems that we have these days. Most car makers today have resorted to the design and production of green-friendly cars in answer to the growing fuel crisis. And because of the ingenuity of the inventions, they are rapidly gaining popularity in the market. Terms such as “Saturn hybrid” and “Toyota hybrid cars” are now becoming ingrained in the lingo of auto enthusiasts.

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Changing the Perception of Auto Body 101

“Shop class”, such as Auto Body or Automotive has had a reputation of changing its meaning through the years in the eyes of the public. It has gone through the transition of cool hot rods, racing, restoration or hobby class to easy “A” for the slackers or even a holding place for students that the high school counselors don’t know what else to do with. There are many reasons that contribute to the lack of qualified students entering technical education courses, but we may be in for a rude awakening if we don’t pay attention and change our thinking. In order for us to protect ourselves from unskilled technicians, who will lead to unsafe vehicles on the road, our educational system must put the same emphasis on technical education (auto body, welding, etc.) as they do academic skills (math English, etc.).

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